I’m a creeper

Sorry, wordpress.
I have been neglecting you.

So this is why I’m a creeper:

When I was a new freshman just enjoying SPOP, a staffer had caught my eye because he seemed talented and he dressed nice. I didn’t talk to him that SPOP so that’s all I can really work off of. But when I came to Irvine I’d see him around every now & then. Naturally I got curious as to what he was all about. We definitely have mutual friends, and I believe we’ve made eye contact before.

I’m at work bored out of my mind and extremely sleepy. I described him to an old staffer (trust, I didn’t even say much) and they started clicking around on facebook and asked, “him?”


I know his name & I got a general idea of what kind of person he was because of his facebook and blog.

But it’s not like I follow him around school.
If I see him, I see him.          If I don’t, I don’t.

This is where boredom & curiosity gets you.
Besides, it’s helped me from falling asleep at work!

I wouldn’t date him anyway. I don’t think we’re each other’s type.
It’s just that there’s something about him that I haven’t forgotten about the past two years in college.


1) My E.P. is on iTunes. Soon I’ll be getting hard covers of my E.P. in the mailbox and I can finally have something to sell at shows.
disclaimer: I’m not making money off of this so I can’t just give it away. My management has to break even first. But the support would be amazing by getting my music out there, etc.
2) I will be a SPOP staffer 🙂
3) I am also going to be a peer academic advisor for the school of the arts
4) I’m going to miss acting. “Book of Tink” was a success.
5) Disneyland three days in a row. COMPENSATION FOR LOST TIMES!

weezer – heart songs

“These are my heart songs
They never feel wrong
And when I wake
For goodness sake
These are the songs
I keep singin'”

You can’t have it all

No. You can’t.

Rhinos and Elephants

I had an interesting dream that made me think.. isn’t it interesting how we drive on freeways and roads knowing that there won’t be any rhinos or elephants walking by us? They’re safely in the zoo far away from us.

But what if things were different and they were able to be on the same road as us? What if they were disciplined enough to stop at the red light and go when green?

I just thought about that and it made me think of how dull life is. Or how it’s so orderly that nature is further away from us than we realize.

Rehearsals for Book of Tink have been amazing. Most, if not all, of our shows are sold out so they opened another performance date. This is epic.

In other news: I’m a different person now and so are you.

Absolutely Zero

You can’t get disappointed/hurt by others if you decide to keep to yourself.

“Who am I to say this situation isn’t great? It is my time to make the most of it. Of course I didn’t know that it would happen to me. Not that easy.”

Me time

It’s good to get some of that me time.

I started Book of Tink rehearsals and even though they’re long, I have to admit it’s nice to have some more TIME.

I haven’t written a song in a long time.

New Discovery

If you’re ever feeling tired, sad, exhausted, bummed, just do the following:

Look at a smiley face. Actually, STARE at a smiley face. Stare until you realize what a smiley face is supposed to represent.



Don’t you feel a bit more uplifted?